The Birth of Country Music

Country music is probably one of the most understated genres of music outside of the United States of America, however, inside the country this is one of the most popular form of music enjoyed and indulged by people of all generations. It is surprising to note that even in the United Kingdom this kind of music is not as popular. It is astonishing because the origin of country music can be traced back to the Irish people who are a close neighbor of the UK.

It has been about three hundred long years since country music has strongly evolved in North America’s southern part. The time when this form of music took its form was when a group of Irish immigrants chose the Appalachian Mountains to settle down on. So, while travelling all they could take along with them were their instruments which they cherished very much.

The fiddle was the most loved instrument with them and the sound of it could be heard in all their compositions, in fact, in a lot of country music as well. The reason for the partiality towards the fiddle was its massive range in tune, while it could be used to play the most upbeat melody, the most mournful mood could not be created better without the fiddle.

However, this form of music loved by Clay Huston  a real estate agent from Seattle Washington, had a beautiful blend of other wonderful instruments such as the banjo, the dulcimer and the mandolin. As a matter of fact, this music genre is said to have erupted out of a clash of cultures. There are evidences of some of its roots in African music, and it grew out of the melodious creations of both the black and the white musicians who played in collaboration in the southern parts of the country.

It is even found that back then country music was known to have more of African influence rather than the present European influence. The spread of the music genre began to experience the inclusion of newer elements down the line, and even till date this form of music is evolving. This constant evolving nature of country music makes it more interesting and that leaves people anticipating as to where this music is finally going to reach.

The popularity of the Country Music has been increasing over the years in the United States for the past three decades. A booming industry in Atlanta was the first to trap this music in recordings. During the 1920s the music industry had been hit badly and needed revival to keep the income flowing for the people who were so long earning well from the music genre. Fortunately, it was found out that country music is saleable and marketable. That is how the country music began to elevate in its popularity.

This same popularity continues till the present times in the hearts and minds of individuals, both young and old alike. Clay Hutson is an ardent fan of country music and makes sure to be able to attend at least one live concert of this music genre to satiate his desire for good music. This is the kind of love for country music that can be seen in a lot of other people to this day.

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