Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – The president of Christ Embassy delivers the right path of life with god’s divine

In humanity race the Christianity religion is considered as one of the large community all over the world. The true meaning of the Christianity religion reveals the character and ability along with the some other factors like patience and perseverance those are the vital factors and defines the path of the lord Jesus. In modern days, maintaining such defines from the Christianity path is difficult for many due to the immense work nature and impure life which they forced to live in current world. In order to drive the Christian people towards the lords divine, the world leaders created the Christ embassy which conducts various prayers and meetings all over the world in an act of sorting the difficulties faced by the common man.

What is Christ embassy?

In general, the embassy can be explained as the private body owned by the diplomatic representatives, just like the embassy placed by the governments in other countries, the role of the Christ embassy is pretty similar however, it took the responsibility of representing the whole counsel of the god all over the world. In simple words they act like the ambassadors who spread the words of gods to the needed people and to drive them towards the right path.

Necessity of Christ Embassy

As the world is getting too mechanical, the humanity among the people are getting vanish and they are left alone without any proper guidelines to live their peacefully. It is essential for the bodies like Christ embassy led by the pastor Chris to help the suffering people and to drive them to the peaceful lane of their life. The diplomatic representatives of the Christ embassy have successfully conducted several prayers and campaigns all over the world with the intention of helping poor and suffering people under the leadership of embassy president Chris Oyakhilome.

All you need to know about Paster Chris Oyakhilome

The Christ embassy led by the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.) helping millions of people all over the world on finding the right path for their living and drives them towards the victorious lane along with the divines of the lord Jesus. Pastor Chris plays the role of the healing minister by spreading the divines of the god to the suffering people and helps them to enjoy the soundness of the life with the aid of the spirits.

Apart from offering help under the shelter of Christ embassy, the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has contributed several other fruitful things for the common people how are seeking perfect guides for living peaceful life. Pastor Chris is a prolific writer, who wrote several books among those his “Rhapsody of Realities” reached word wide highness and even listed as the world’s number 1 daily devotional edition. His masterpiece work has been sold out more than a half of billion copies and being translated to more than 800 languages and sold all over the world.

His speech and divines gives the people peaceful thoughts and makes them to feel good by boosting self confidence among themselves.

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