4 Effective Ways To Leverage Online Reviews For Your Business

4 Effective Ways To Leverage Online Reviews For Your Business


We (and the rest of the internet for the past decade) have already spent some time convincing you of the importance of acquiring online reviews for your business. In follow-up to this survey, we published research that studies the impact of positive star ratings and reviews intellibridgellc.com on both Search Click Thru Rates and Landing Page Performance These findings, coupled with the results below, show that online reviews can impact local search rankings and creates a hugely compelling argument for why SMBs should invest more in reputation marketing.

More than 80% of all internet searches are done through Google and when a potential customer searches for your business with Google, the average rating of your reviews on Google My Business are displayed on the results page with a link for the searcher to read all of your Google My Business reviews.

With every new client, we ask if they have a Google account, any type of Google account – Android, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google My Business, Analytics, Search Console, Voice, AdWords, Google+, Blogger, AdSense, etc – Many times clients are unaware all these websites and services are Google.

But if you’re actively campaigning for positive online reviews and you encounter happy customers who want to leave you a positive review but don’t have accounts on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, or Google, it’s handy to have a place on your website to publish their kind words.

While they have a basic version for free (this lets you create a profile page and collect customer reviews), their paid versions let you create customizable review invitations, share ratings and reviews on social media, and link review data to your internal business systems.


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